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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What are your hours? CFC Fitness is open 24 hours a days 365 days per year
2. How do I access the gym? We utilize key fobs which gives our members 24/7/365 access (have just recently added a door panel for key codes if needed.)
3. Are your prices competitive? Our prices have continually been the lowest in town and have been virtually the same since 2009.
4. Is your facility centrally located? We are centrally located on the Spur in Marshfield with easy front and rear parking lots.
5. I workout at night, how is the exterior/interior lighting? We have added over 100 LED interior as well as new exterior LED parking lots lights. This is a focus that we are continually working on!
6. Does your facility have closed circuit security cameras? Currently, we have over 40 cameras including eight 24/7 smart cameras on campus (Young’s Shopping Center) for you as well as CFC’s protection
7. I like music, do you have music in your weight room? Yes, we have our own radio station – CFC Radio. All music content is pre-edited for vulgar language, sex & drug content, racial/ethnic slurs & bullying.
8. Does your gym offer personal training? Yes, we only offer CERTIFIED personal trainers that are willing and able to help with your Fitness journey and meet your Fitness Goals.
9. What is a Hybrid gym? CFC was built on focusing on all aspects & levels of Fitness. No matter what your age CFC offers the most equipment and weight (plates, db’s kb’s, “iron”) in Webster Co with over 24 pieces of cardio equipment, fully stocked cable room, from  7 to 10 squat racks, 8 dumbbell/kettlebell racks, as well powerlifting & functional training (CrossFit*) equipment.
10. Other gyms brag about cleanliness & in these times I’m worried about germs, is your gym clean? Since day one CFC’s number 1 priority has been promoting health & wellness in Webster Co. That starts with a clean facility. We have always offered microfiber wipes, hand sanitizing stations and hospital grade disinfectants. We go above the rest. We have been utilizing commercial grade cleaning equipment, black lights for inspections as well as hospital grade misters. The training supervisor has been trained and continues to go through the most current and up to date training in all areas of disinfecting, sanitation and  bloodborne pathogens